Ibanez JS2480-MCR - Satriani Prestige Signature W/Case-Muscle Car Red - 669818854344
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The JS2480MCR is the Rolls-Royce of Ibanez Satriani-style electric guitars. You haven't experienced playability until you've wrapped your hand around the 3-piece maple/bubinga JS neck. Ibanez's Prestige fret treatment only adds to the fluid feel of this guitar. Experience glorious high-output tones with loads of harmonics and definition, by way of a DiMarzio Satchur8 bridge humbucker, while a Sustainiac circuit stretches your notes into infinity. On top of that, there is a push-pull highpass filter for keeping your tone with volume rolled back. This guitar also boasts an Ultralite tremolo arm for effortless twisting, bending, and dive-bombing.