Radial Reamp JCR Studio Reamper - 676101040315
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Radial Reamp JCR, Studio Reamper, Radial Item R800 1030.

The Reamp JCR is a high-performance passive Reamper that gives you the ability to take a pre-recorded track and send it through a guitar amp or pedal chain. The JCR utilizes the original Reamp circuit designed by recording industry legend, John Cuniberti, providing exceptional audio quality that preserves every detail of the original recording while optimizing it to feed amplifiers and effects pedals.

• Re-amplify guitar and bass tracks or add extra character on vocals or keys
• Separate XLR and 1/4" TRS input connectors
• Variable level control to match signals
• Handy filter to tame excessive highs or reduce lows
• Transformer isolation to eliminate ground loops
• 100% passive design, does not require local power