Strymon Brig Delay Pedal - 852571008431
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Introducing Brig, the new pedal that revolutionizes your guitar effects with its compact single foot switch design, reminiscent of the popular Cloudburst. Prepare to be blown away by its killer features that offer unparalleled versatility and stunning soundscapes. Brig boasts three distinct bucket brigade circuits, each with its own unique characteristics. The 3205 voice draws inspiration from early single bucket brigade chip designs, delivering gritty and grungy repeats with a touch of psychedelic brilliance. On the other hand, the 3005 setting takes cues from dual BB circuits, providing soft and dreamy ambient repeats perfect for creating ethereal atmospheres. Lastly, the multi setting, a Pete creation, combines two cross-coupled dBucket delay machines, resulting in complex echoes and a vast stereo field that will leave you in awe.

But Brig doesn't stop there—its differences from the OG Brigadier make it an extraordinary piece of equipment. With its artifact-free tap tempo mode, seamlessly transition between delay settings without any glitching or audio chaos. The Time knob allows you to explore a range of chaotic Radiohead-inspired sounds, while still retaining the ability to tap tempo cleanly. Furthermore, the tap tempo mode liberates you from worrying about available time, as you can now choose the character of your delays regardless of delay length. Whether you desire the grungy texture of the 3205 voice with a longer delay time or the warm and dreamy tones of the 3005 voice, Brig grants you complete control. And that's not all—Brig comes packed with USB C, TRS MIDI, 300 presets, MIDI clock sync, a discrete JFET input circuit, mono/stereo back panel switch, and TRS jacks for stereo ins and outs. With its exceptional modulation capabilities, Brig produces one of the finest-sounding bucket brigade choruses when set to 3205 mode with minimum delay time and high modulation settings. Additionally, the noise level is adjustable via the filter knob, allowing you to fine-tune the classic bucket brigade character or eliminate it entirely. Prepare to unlock a whole new world of sonic possibilities with Brig, the pedal that redefines guitar effects.

  • Compact single foot switch design
  • Three distinct bucket brigade circuits: 3205, 3005, and multi
  • Artifact-free tap tempo mode for seamless transitions
  • Character selection regardless of available time
  • Additional features include USB C, TRS MIDI, 300 presets, MIDI clock sync, JFET input circuit, and adjustable noise level